Monthly Archives: February 2018

10 tips to add spring fashion trends to your style

Spring has sprung and hopefully everyone is ready to transition their wardrobe to warmer temps. You may begin by incorporating some new trends and some ongoing wearable trends that may brighten your day. Here are 10 looks that are in now: 1. Checks and gingham: Checks or gingham prints are classic for spring fashion but are considered trendy this year. If you have a checked button-up shirt in your closet, pull… Read Article →

How to Live a Rich Modern Life Without Debt

Stop Buying Stuff You Won’t Remember in a Week This is perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve ever learned about personal finance. If it’s an item or an experience you won’t remember in a few days, you shouldn’t be spending any money on it. If it’s completely forgettable, then any money you spent on it is basically just lost. The only completely forgettable things you should be spending money on are your… Read Article →